Why an Upper Body Ergometer is your secret workout weapon

Why an Upper Body Ergometer is your secret workout weapon

Target strength and agility with an Upper Body Ergometer

There are so many compelling reasons to incorporate an Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) into your training schedule. Engaging virtually every muscle in your upper body, a UBE targets strength, endurance, intensity, agility, stability, flexibility and balance. Suitable for all ages and any performance level, the Upper Body Ergometer has a variety of benefits that make it the perfect high intensity weapon, without the restrictions of other cross training fitness equipment.


Offering the perfect warm-up for resistance training, the Upper Body Ergometer provides better activation of the upper torso than traditional alternatives. In addition, when used in the standing position, all mid torso muscles are engaged.

Full body integration

Although it might not be immediately obvious, the Upper Body Ergometer provides a full body workout. Much like boxing, an Upper Body Ergometer requires full body integration, transmitting power from the legs up via a strong, stable core into the upper torso and limbs. While the hand pedals activate and challenge the chest, shoulders, back, arms and core muscles, the body relies on the legs for stability and strength. This results in the same burning feeling a weighted resistance workout without the use of actual weight plates.

Cardiovascular fitness

As a cardiovascular tool, the results are exceptional. The Upper Body Ergometer improves cardiovascular endurance, develops muscle and improves upper body strength. Using an Upper Body Ergo as part of a high intensity workout, enhances the lung’s ability to provide oxygen to the blood and the working muscle tissue by asking the heart to pump harder.


The Upper Body Ergometer offers unique benefits for rehabilitation and medical applications. Not only does a UBE offer flexibility for both seated and standing exercise, many models allow for rapid wheelchair access.

A popular fitness apparatus for shoulder rehabilitation, the bidirectional design provides a balanced and stable workout which enhances reciprocal muscle group balance. The design of a medically approved Upper Body Ergometer develops better support for the joint structures and can assist with a quicker recovery time.

First Degree Fitness are specialists in the design of Upper Body Ergometers for CrossFit, Group Training and Rehabilitation purposes. Since the launch of our first fluid rower in 2001, we have rapidly developed a reputation as the creators of the world’s finest ergometers. Distributed in every continent across the globe, our indoor water rower and water resistance ergometer range is trusted and loved by athletes, sports trainers, medical professionals and health conscious individuals.

Browse the range of water resistance Upper Body Ergometers.

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