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Our Fluid Connect app allows you to record and review your workouts using our Bluetooth® Fluid Rower Consoles. Choose from a range of simple workout styles from just rowing to HIIT and review your session statistics and charts through the Session Log feature.

  • Communication via the standard Bluetooth® FTMS protocol
  • Rower session recorder that provides a number of workout styles
    • Just Row – no limit rowing at your own pace
    • Target Distance – aim for your fastest time over a fixed distance
    • Target Time – aim for greatest distance over a fixed time
    • Work/Rest Intervals – HIIT (Intense short work intervals followed by short rests)
  • Sortable workout session history with session summaries and charts
  • Odometer with total time, distance, and calories burned
  • Automatic firmware update support for Fluid Rower Consoles using Bluetooth DFU
  • Available for iOS and coming soon for Android

iPhone Screenshots

Fluid Connect is available for iPhone.

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