Fluid PowerZone

Fluid PowerZone Power Cube™

Doubling as a functional and strength power trainer, Power Cube™  works the biggest and strongest muscles in the body at a higher volume, without overloading. The compact commercial grade machine is constructed to support complex lifting routines, without the force of accelerated weight on the way back down, providing a suitable workout for sports applications and rehabilitation. Read More...

Whether you are an Olympic lifter, veteran or fitness enthusiast, the FluidPowerZone‘s Power Cube™ is founded on the deadlift, making it a great core and technique trainer, accessible to any ability.

Working the upper and lower extremities, Power Cube™ incorporates 10 levels of FDF’s patented Fluid Force, accommodating the weaker muscular or mechanical links of traditional weight training to provide a Progressive Concentric Load Cycle™ to the targeted muscles – you can train at peak power throughout the entire range of motion.

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Key Features


  • 10 x Fluid Force


  • Bluetooth auto-adjust monitor – real time power in watts per repetition


  • Wide footplates for maximum stability


  • Ergonomic support bar for squat and lower extremity cable work


  • 3 separate attachment points with different gearing loads
  • Transport wheels for easy positioning and storage


  • 1:2 ratio – functional and sport
  • 2:1 ratio – power and strength



  • Compact footprint: 1450mm x 830mm (57.09″ x 32.68″)
  • Upright storage: 830mm x 1350mm (32.68″ x 53.15″)
  • Max User Weight – 180kg (396.83lb)

Box 1

  • 1145mm x 855mm x 825mm (45.08″ x 33.66″ x 32.48″)
  • Net Weight: 73.90kg (162.92lb)
  • Gross Weight: 30.3kg (194.01lb)
  • Cubic Metres 0.81 (28.53 cubic feet)

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