Fluid PowerZone

Fluid PowerZone Power Climb™

Power Climb™ is a commercial grade, fluid resistance climbing machine, challenging users to a high intensity workout with tremendous full body muscle activation. Constructed for powerful workouts, FluidPowerZone‘s Power Climb™ functions as a stepper or whole body climber offering a smooth and constant resistance throughout the entire range of motion, unlike mechanically induced, chain driven machines. Read More...

Founded on compound, multi-joint movement, Power Climb™ maintains the user’s centre of gravity to a neutral position, reinforcing good form demanding the muscles, not the joints, do the work.

Power Climb™ features FDF’s famous patented twin tank delivering 10 intense levels of adjustable Fluid Force allowing users to train at peak power, no matter their power input or fatigue.

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Key Features


  • 10 x Fluid Force


  • Bluetooth auto-adjust monitor – real time power in watts per repetition


  • Multiple hand positions for different body types & recruitment patterns


  • Footplates promote neutral combined centre of gravity, reducing knee shear & increasing glute activation


  • Rust proof e-coating
  • Extra large stout four bar linkage
  • Transport wheels for easy positioning and storage


  • Super smooth belt drive


  • Compact footprint: 1550mm x 790mm (61.02″ x 31.10″)
  • Upright storage: 790mm x 2480mm (31.10″ x 97.64″)
  • Max User Weight – 180kg (396.83lb)

Box 1

  • 1515mm x 835mm x 1250mm (59.65″ x 32.87″ x 49.21″)
  • Net Weight: 104.60kg (230.60lb)
  • Gross Weight: 123.70kg (272.71lb)
  • Cubic Metres 1.58 (55.97 cubic feet)

Box 2

  • 2005mm x 620mm x 530mm (78.94″ x 24.41″ x 20.87″)
  • Net Weight: 40.00kg (88.19lb)
  • Gross Weight: 47.50kg (104.72lb)
  • Cubic Metres 0.66 (23.28 cubic feet)

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