FluidRower Viking 3 Plus Indoor Rower

The Viking 3 Plus Indoor Rower is so realistic to on-water rowing that you have to remind yourself the natural catch and pull felt while using this machine is emulated. Manually select and adjust levels mid workout with an audible, tactile selector dial to ensure resistance precision.Read More...

The intelligent indoor rower allows 15% greater resistance than standard FDF models, granting users the ability to rapidly improve on cardio fitness and endurance. Combine this advantage with our cleverly designed steel-blade impellers, plastic-moulded for maximal water capture and powerful resistance, and the result is a rugged rower that performs to perfection.

Viking 3 Plus Indoor Rower is compatible with our Seat Back Kit for extra lumbar support and Elevate Kit extension for convenient on-off rower access; great for those in rehab, the elderly or anyone struggling with an injury.

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Key Features


  • 4 x Fluid Resistance
  • Bright yellow impeller design achieving 15% greater resistance than standard Horizontal models
  • Double sealed, precision aligned patented twin tank


  • Multi-level computer with USB connectivity


  • Height adjustable footplates
  • Secure heel captures for optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position


  • Contoured seat, silent smooth action
  • Textured finish to prevent slipping
  • Optional Seat Back Kit for correct posture and optimal back support


  • Premium ergonomic handle for optimal grip and minimal strain


  • Ethically sourced American Ash frame with steel casing
  • Transport wheels for easy positioning and storage
  • Compatible with Elevate Kit extension for heightened on-off rower access


  • Durable belt drive with active recoil system
  • Vertical storage option



  • Compact Footprint: 2130mm x 520mm (83.86″ x 20.47”)
  • Upright Storage: 520mm x 545mm (20.47″ x 21.47″)
  • Max User Weight: 150kg (330lb)

Box 1

  • 975mm x 550mm x 570mm (38.39″ x 21.65″ x 22.44″)
  • Net Weight 20.16kg (44.46lb)
  • Gross Weight 24.30kg (53.57lb)
  • Cubic Metres 0.32 (11.46 cubic feet)

Box 2

  • 166mm x 122mm x 2190mm (87.80″ x 7.36″ x 3.15″)
  • Net Weight 6.40kg (14.12lb)
  • Gross Weight 8.00kg (17.64lb)
  • Cubic Metres 0.05 (1.82 cubic feet)