FluidRower Neptune Plus Indoor Rower

The compact Neptune Plus indoor rower stands vertically for storage in a measly 53cm x 51cm (20.87″ x 20.08”) and features large transport wheels for ease of movement.Read More...

Pivoting foot plates improve the ergonomics for less flexible or deconditioned users, and a shaped and textured seat ensure a smooth slide with every leg drive.

Be sure to row at a definitive resistance by adjusting the Fluid Resistance level with a tactile, audible dial that succinctly clicks in to place allowing for a fully controlled rowing workout.

From its easy setup, function and storage, this maintenance-free rower will provide any user with an exceptional workout and will last a life-time.

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Key Features


  • 4 x Fluid Resistance
  • Bright yellow impeller design achieving 15% greater resistance than standard Horizontal models
  • Double sealed, precision aligned patented twin tank


  • Multi-level computer with USB connectivity


  • Height adjustable footplates
  • Secure heel captures for optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position


  • Contoured seat, silent smooth action
  • Textured finish to prevent slipping


  • Premium ergonomic handle for optimal grip and minimal strain


  • Durable aluminium/steel
  • Transport wheels for easy positioning and storage


  • Durable belt drive with active recoil system
  • Vertical storage option


  • Compact footprint: 1990mm x 520mm (78.35″ x 20.47”)
  • Upright storage: 520 x 520mm (20.47″ x 20.47″)
  • Max User Weight: 150kg (330lb)

Box 1

  • 960mm x 550mm x 555mm (37.80″ x 21.65″ x 21.85″)
  • Net Weight: 25.80kg (56.88lb)
  • Gross Weight: 32.00kg (70.55lb)
  • Cubic Metres 0.31 (10.82 cubic feet)

Box 2

  • 88mm x 60mm x 1300mm (3.46″ x 2.36″ x 51.18”)
  • Net Weight 1.80kg (3.97lb)
  • Gross Weight 2.00kg (4.41lb)
  • Cubic Metres 0.008 (0.3 cubic feet)