FluidPowerZone FluidPowerCUBE

Doubling as a functional and strength power trainer, FluidPowerCUBE  works the biggest and strongest muscles in the body at a higher volume, without overloading. The compact commercial grade machine is constructed to support complex lifting routines, without the force of accelerated weight on the way back down, providing a suitable workout for sports applications and rehabilitation. Read More...

Whether you are an Olympic lifter, veteran or fitness enthusiast, the FluidPowerZone CUBE is founded on the deadlift, making it a great core and technique trainer, accessible to any ability.

Working the upper and lower extremities, FluidPowerCUBE incorporates 10 levels of FDF’s patented Fluid Resistance, accommodating the weaker muscular or mechanical links of traditional weight training to provide a Progressive Concentric Load Cycle™ to the targeted muscles – you can train at peak power throughout the entire range of motion.

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Key Features


  • 10 x Fluid Resistance


  • Bluetooth auto-adjust monitor – real time power in watts per repetition


  • Wide footplates for maximum stability


  • Ergonomic support bar for squat and lower extremity cable work


  • 3 separate attachment points with different gearing loads
  • Transport wheels for easy positioning and storage


  • 1:2 ratio – functional and sport
  • 2:1 ratio – power and strength



  • Compact footprint: 1450mm x 830mm (57.09″ x 32.68″)
  • Upright storage: 830mm x 1350mm (32.68″ x 53.15″)
  • Max User Weight – 180kg (396.83lb)

Box 1

  • 1145mm x 855mm x 825mm (45.08″ x 33.66″ x 32.48″)
  • Net Weight: 73.90kg (162.92lb)
  • Gross Weight: 30.3kg (194.01lb)
  • Cubic Metres 0.81 (28.53 cubic feet)

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