Accessories Seat Back Kit

Lumbar support that has your back

Created with user needs in mind, the Seat Back Kit is the ultimate solution to your posterior requirements. Perfect for the injured, deconditioned seniors, or those who just want some extra lumbar support, the Seat Back Kit instantly turns your FDF indoor rower seat into an office chair-like design.Read More...

Ergonomically contoured to match the natural shape of the posterior, the Seat Back Kit is easily installed, and integrates so flawlessly that it looks as though your FDF indoor rower has had a seat backing all along!

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Key Features


  • Contoured seat, silent smooth action
  • Textured finish to prevent slipping


  • Allows ample lean back on the pull ensuring stroke is not cut short


  • Easy installation and attachment to most FDF indoor rower models.
  • Removes weight from the hips and back preventing risk of injury
  • Ideal solution for the elderly, frail or users undergoing rehabilitation


  • Box 1: 470mm x 240mm x 90mm
  • N.W: 2.5kgs
  • G.W: 2.75kgs

Elevate Kit is compatible with the following FDF products:

Horizontal Plus Series

  • Apollo Plus
  • Apollo Plus (Black)
  • NEON
  • NEON Pro Plus
  • Newport Club
  • Neptune Plus
  • Viking 3 Plus

Horizontal V Series

  • Apollo V
  • Apollo Pro V
  • NEON Pro V
  • Viking 3 V
  • Viking Pro V

Horizontal XL Series

  • Apollo Pro XL
  • Viking Pro XL

Evolution Series

  • E520
  • E316

Vortex Series

  • VX-2
  • VX-3
  • VX-3FA