Rowing at home just got better with the Apollo AR Black

Rowing at home just got better with the Apollo AR Black

The Apollo AR Black Indoor Rower Offers Both Form and Function.

The Apollo AR Black indoor rower is designed to offer both good looking form and function, making it a stylish favourite for indoor rowing at home. This popular water rowing machine is constructed with the highest quality, hand lacquered American Ash with the integrity of black steel casing. Designed for all fitness levels, this home rowing machine is easy to transport and stores compactly on its end.

If you love indoor rowing at home you will love the benefits of FDF’s patented variable fluid resistance enabling progressive water resistance rowing training at the turn of a dial. If you’re seeking rapid improvement in cardio fitness and strength, the fluid innovation difference will advance your indoor rowing workouts allowing you to change your rowing resistance level from feather light to Olympic sprint. Also, there’s no need to worry about disturbing the family or housemate while rowing at home – this indoor water rower is incredibly quiet with its smooth action and cathartic simulation of on-water rowing.

Rowing at home – once you go black you won’t go back.

If you are looking for a rowing machine that is going to motivate you to row at home, then look no further than the Apollo AR Black. A good looking rowing machine, this indoor rower will enhance any living room or workout space.

Simply jump on and start rowing, this sleek indoor water rower has all the right design ergonomics to start you off with a winning rowing technique.

Apollo AR Black Indoor Rower

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