Take the Predator Challenge

Take The Predator Challenge

We’ve designed the ultimate challenge for CrossFit and fitness fanatics. Not for the faint hearted, the #PredatorChallenge is bound to get your members’ hearts racing.

The E620ST Predator is FDF’s latest water resistance CrossFit ergo, constructed for high intensity, powerful workouts. This standing upper body ergometer can withstand even the harshest beating.


Create a buzz around the predator challenge

The Predator Challenge not only drives motivation, it can stimulate healthy competition amongst club members. There’s no strict guidelines to hosting your own club or facility competition, but successful clubs have implemented the following ideas:

·       Daily or weekly qualifier challenges, that end with a grand finale

·       Determine the finale winner as the person to maintain 100 RPM or 80RPM for the longest time

·       Displaying a leader board and challenge signage

·       Inviting celebrities or sports personalities to try the challenge

·       Sharing results on social media and tagging #predatorchallenge and @FirstDegreeFitness

·       Giving away weekly/monthly prizes


Need Predator Challenge support?

Setting up a Predator Challenge is a great way to boost workout motivation, download the Predator Challenge fact sheet here or feel free to email our marketing agency for support, or advise of your participation. We’d love to share your stories and videos on our social media platforms – email skye@gilligangroup.com.au

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