Introducing OMEGA PRO – The Elite Commercial Fluid Rower

Introducing OMEGA PRO – The Elite Commercial Fluid Rower

Supercharge your workout with OMEGA PRO!

Do you crave a rowing machine resilient enough to survive excessive and brutal abuse? First Degree Fitness have released the new OMEGA PRO – a heavyweight commercial indoor rower. Designed for the demands of rowing studios and elite facilities, this indoor rower is guaranteed to knock your competition out of the water.


A tough machine for commercial indoor rowing applications.

The alpha of all FDF commercial indoor rowing products, this sleek and smooth functioning model is as visually appealing as it is hard working, providing extraordinary performance standards for progressive rowing training. When performance and results matter, the OMEGA PRO ensures the hardest workout and fastest results possible, making it the obvious choice for any gym floor.

Designed to dominate the fitness arena.

Constructed with ergonomics in mind, OMEGA PRO is fitted with a premium handle for maximum comfort during vigorous workouts, adjustable footplates and a contoured seat at an elevated height allowing for easy entry and exit. Assuring safety and stability, OMEGA PRO features a functional dual rail with aluminium and steel build.

Perfect for the fitness fanatic, OMEGA PRO features FDF’s patented twin tank design to deliver 10 killer levels of Fluid Force courtesy of an extra-large tank and improved impeller design that offers a huge 65% greater resistance than FDF’s standard horizontal models.

Providing the ultimate in Fluid Force auto-adjust technology, OMEGA PRO automatically correlates the tank resistance level with its Bluetooth console, assuring data is collated with accuracy during each workout. With FluidWorkout social app compatibility, this rower is ready to take you through new competitive challenges.

Take your group training to the next level

Our toughest model on the market, it’s no surprise OMEGA PRO is the top choice for high-intensity interval training, short sprints and group fitness! With minimal maintenance and low running costs, there’s no need for mains power, lubrication or cleaning a flywheel – OMEGA PRO is a cost-effective addition for the elite training facility.

This indoor rower will provide an impactful workout that promises to push even the fittest of athletes to new stroke rates, leaving them motivated to come back for more.