Patented Fluid Innovation Technology the secret behind variable water resistance rowing.

First Degree Fitness water resistance rowing machines use a unique patented twin tank system which facilitates the transfer of water to and from a passive holding tank, to an active tank where variable amounts of water can be turned by a multi-bladed impeller.

FDF indoor water rowers feature a twin chamber tank, allowing the transfer of water at the turn of a dial, creating rowing machine resistance levels from feather light to Olympic sprint. This is what we call variable fluid resistance.

The combination of a multi-bladed impeller and internal baffles within the rowing machine water tank, generates a smooth uniform stroke unrivalled in its precise replication, including no lag of resistance at the catch, and continued resistance all the way to the finish, just like in a boat. This is why FDF indoor rowers allow the rider to maintain a proper boat rowing technique.

Other water resistance or air resistance indoor rowers deliver a force curve where the resistance falls off during the second half of the stroke, well below that experienced at similar paddling rates in an on-the-water rowing boat. Learn more about water resistance rowing and how to compare indoor rowers.


Fluid Innovation…. Inspired by the greatest boat builders

The secret of the viking ship lay in its unique construction, so too does our patented water resistance rowing technology. With our patented Fluid Innovation technology, our water rowing machines challenge you to row harder, build strength and cover greater distances faster.


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