Horizontal Newport Challenge AR named in Top 10 Rowing Machines

Horizontal Newport Challenge AR named in Top 10 Rowing Machines

Newport Challenge AR Stands out in the Crowd

First Degree Fitness Newport AR indoor rowing machine was named in the Top 10 Rowing machines for January 2017! The Newport AR Indoor Rower was recommended for its close emulation of rowing on water. This water resistance rowing machine features FDF’s unique patented twin tank system which facilitates the transfer of water to and from a passive holding tank, to an active tank allowing the user to change resistance as they row.

The Newport AR indoor rower is perfect for high intensity workouts at an affordable price. It’s ergonomic design and range of resistance levels will inspire you to push yourself, no matter your fitness level. It’s ergonomic handle design ensures there is no strain on the arms, wrist and hands, while the adjustable footplates allow for a comfortable and safe ride.

The appealing and slim design of the Newport AR indoor rower makes it the perfect machine for a quality home gym, with built in transit wheels for easy movement and vertical storage.

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Newport Challenge AR Indoor Rower

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