Challenging perceptions of the indoor water rower

Challenging perceptions of the indoor water rower

VX-3 FA Indoor Water Rower

The VX-3 FA indoor water rower has been inspired by the form and movement of professional rowers to offer optimal rowing simulation. This indoor water rower features FDF’s unique patented fluid technology for enhanced water rowing performance, making it the perfect machine for the serious rowing enthusiast. Built with extra-long aluminium seat rails to accommodate the tallest of users, the VX-3 FA’s variable fluid resistance tank is powered by an industry first wireless smart handle, providing convenient resistance control at the press of a button.

Advanced water rowing technology for progressive indoor training.

The interactive design of the VX-3 FA indoor water rower is complemented by readily available performance data via the interactive performance monitor (IPM) and includes a quick start function, manual programs, interval training and the retention of six workouts to ensure motivation stays high.

The only indoor rower on the market with Fluid Assist® motorised resistance control, this smoother movement profile ensures the whole body works harder throughout each stage of the row stroke, without the intimidating high peak resistance experienced by other indoor rowing machines.

Perfect for the rowing enthusiast.

Suited to group training and high-end fitness centres, the VX-3 FA indoor water rower will challenge your members to progress through 20 levels of wireless resistance changes – pushing endurance and strength training to the next level.

Once you’ve experienced this indoor water rower’s realistic on-water rowing emulation, with its instant catch and consistent resistance throughout the entire stroke, your perception of just how real indoor rowing can feel will never be the same.

VX-3FA Indoor Rower

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