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We are innovators of fluid resistance fitness products

FDF (FDF Limited) created adjustable Fluid Resistance in 2000 and now manufactures a range of fitness machines for both residential and commercial applications, based on our unique and patented Twin Tank Fluid Resistance system.

The adjustable fluid resistance Twin Tank was launched in 2002 on our FDF Fluid Rowing Machine (FDR-01), this release challenged the conventional thinking of how water could work to provide resistance rather than just add momentum to a rotating flywheel. In 2005 we released the world’s first Fluid Resistance Upper Body Ergometer (UBE).

FDF continues to develop and a release a range of FluidRowers for residential and commercial use crafted with wood, steel, aluminium and a combination of these materials. FDF makes the popular GX Row for Life Fitness. FDF has expanded the UBE range to include certified medical units and also manufactures the Uppercycle GX for Life Fitness.


Experience the difference…Fluid Resistance

It was a natural progression that the unique properties of our Twin Tank Fluid Resistance system could be applied to other fitness products. In 2018 we released the FluidPowerZone range of machines. Adding the FluidPowerCLIMB and the FluidPowerERG were the obvious inclusions, but the FluidPowerPRESS and the FluidPowerCUBE take another step to high-light the distinct training opportunities and advantages of our adjustable Fluid Resistance system. The range of training applications and benefits from FDF concentric fluid power training is still percolating through the fitness industry. Sports Clubs, Health Clubs, Medical and Rehabilitation Centers, Active Ageing Centres, Resorts and Apartments can all see the unique advantages of the FDF range of machines in their markets.


A Fitness Machine for Every Fitness Occasion

The vast FDF range of machines has been divided into three divisions. FluidRower; for all our rowing machines, FluidPowerZone; for all our peak power focused machines and FluidExercise; for our UBE’s and soon to be revealed multifunctional fluid machines.

FDF machines have a global presence being available in more than 160 countries and regions. The FDF adjustable Fluid Resistance machines are trusted and loved by athletes, sports trainers, medical professionals and health conscious individuals across the globe.

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