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Fitness products made by FDF are inspired by real life. From rowing a boat on water to running or cycling your favourite track, our designs are engineered to simulate exercise you’re passionate about. FDF Fluid Resistance, a unique water resistance technology, underpins our diverse range of full body fitness solutions. With Fluid Resistance you can row harder, train smarter and build strength faster. Designed and engineered to outperform all other rowing machines, our indoor water rowing machines offer a low impact, total body workout that can be adjusted to suit all fitness levels.

Innovation in Water Rowing and Fitness Machines

FDF indoor rowing machines not only burn fat and serious calories, they offer a challenge for every level of fitness. Thanks to Fluid Resistance technology, you can select a resistance level to suit your fitness goal; our range of FDF ergometer rowing machines are built for home gyms, commercial training facilities and med-rehab purposes.

Distributed in every continent across the globe, our FluidRower, FluidPowerZone and ergometer ranges are loved by athletes, sports trainers, medical professionals and health conscious individuals. We’re passionate about our brand and we stand behind the craftsmanship of every fitness machine we make. Browse the full range here.

Your motivation drives our innovation.

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NEON Indoor Rower
E620ST Predator Upper Body Ergometer
VX3 FA Indoor Rower
MEGA PRO XL Indoor Rower
Apollo Pro XL Indoor Rower
Apollo Pro XL Indoor Rower
Apollo Plus Black Indoor Rower
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Patented engineering Keeps us a stroke ahead.

1 Premium Ergonomic Handle

Efficiently designed, a premium ergonomic handle was developed to ensure users can row for hours without discomfort or unwanted pain.

2 Patented Twin Tank

A double chambered design transfers water to and from a passive tank to an active tank, providing up to 50% stronger water resistance than any other manufacturer.

3 Contoured Seating

Sculpted to the natural curves of the user, each seat is complete with a textured finish to prevent slipping – allowing robust, safe and comfortable performance.

4 Fluid Resistance Technology

The secret behind adjustable resistance, Fluid Resistance provides a consistent and measured level of water resistance that can be modified to the user’s ability. Fluid Resistance ensures an instant catch and constant resistant throughout the entire stroke, just like rowing a boat on water.

5 Moulded Impellers

Multi-bladed steel impellers provide maximal water capture and a powerful drag combined with a precision aligned tank that won’t leak when stood on end. Assembly of these quality components ensures this rower is visually stunning when in use.

6 Choose Your Tank Size

Not every tank has the same Fluid Resistance; designs for both home rowers and commercial rowers reflect the needs of our users from med-rehab, through to general fitness and elite athlete. Select from 4 Level, 5 Level, 10 Level and XL tanks according to your goals.

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